When you think about the career of a rock star or iconic artist, there’s a point when success suddenly appears. But before that, there’s a time when their talent and originality was already striving, but they were not yet influenced by the industry, by fame, by contracts and other comercial stuff. The time when they were most creative, because they were absolutely free. The time when they were not yet famous.

That’s the spirit behind our brand. The rebel, punk rock spirit, that praises originality and uniqueness.

We don’t give a fuck about being hip; we just want to give you sustainable apparel to build your own style.

We don’t follow celebrities or social media; we follow our gut.

We don’t care about fashion trends: we care about the planet. That’s why we only use sustainable materials (NO PLASTIC!), recyclable packaging and don’t follow the fashion calendar, avoiding waste, dead stocks and fast consumerism.

You are welcome to see our products ONLINE, but we encourage you to go to our selected stores. Because real shopping is fun and our stores are so cool.

Rock on!

Oh, by the way, we are 100% Portuguese, born in Lisbon in 2019.